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~*~Scarves, Skulls, Spectacles and Skates~*~
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25th-Oct-2011 03:31 pm - Sewing Projects: Dr. Mrs. the Monarch
BBT - Cosplay
Before I go into this picture, can I request comments that aren't "OMFG BOOBZ LOLOLOLOLOLOLZ!!!!11111"? Please? Thanks. It was funny the first time, but this is a legitimate costume that I actually spent a lot of time on and the single thought comments aren't really funny as much as insulting and unoriginal.

Awesome. Thanks.

[Dr. Mrs. the Monarch Detail PhotosCollapse )]

T/P <33333
(If you're not a regular reader of my LJ, feel free to skip this top part in the italics...)
Every now and again somebody says that they never know what to say when I post drawings / sewing projects / movie rambles because they don't want to just post "Oooooo It's pretty," or "SHINEY!" or something else seemingly useless. Guys, I appreciate those comments. Hell, I LOVE those comments. If all you have to say is, "I lyke dat!" I'm pretty much thrilled. Critique or insults are A-OKay, and I'm even happy with comments that I don't quite understand. Like, page_of_swords's "This is loud and shiny..." Was that a compliment? Did you not like the outfit? Do you want a ballgown made entirely out of that fabric (and I'd make you one, man. Free of charge if your promised to wear it and send me pictures)? But yeah, love getting any sort of thought on my work. Substance is not a issue for me. :P <333333

Good news you guys! Next time I'm in Monaco I have the perfect dress to wear. :P

Granted, last time I was in Monaco I was sporting jeans, a t-shirt and a lovely "I'm too pale for this Italian weather" sunburn, my grandmother was fronting the cost of the trip, and we're lucky that they let us look at the inside of Monte Carlo, let alone go anywhere high-society like. Not exactly thrilled with the American tourists.

Then again, I'd hate American tourists too. Hell, I DO hate them when they're visiting my city. Get out the way when I'm on my way to work / class if you're only here for the freedom trail! And if you're here for Anime Boston and I make a comment that 'your [name of whatever tv show / character / game / anime / comic / I don't remember / that was] costume doesn't scare me, and I've seen a zillion of them at Otakon' it doesn't mean that I want to be your girlfriend.

Jeez. Nerds. Amirite? Now shush and look at this dress I made based on a character in a comic book movie. XD

[Pepper Potts Monaco Dress Detail PicturesCollapse )

All right. This dress was actually a lot of fun to make. =D I used McCall's M5845 for most of the dress, but if you actually go hunt down that pattern, there are no sleeves and the dress goes up an inch or so below my neck. Not gunna work. I grabbed the sleeve pattern off of the first one I found in my box (in this case, Easy Stick'n'Save M5297 (yeahhhh quality)), cut the top 6 inches or so off of the dress once it was sewn in the front and pinned onto Sally, and patterned the loopy migig myself.

Once I figured out the sleeves (I HATE sleeves. Every time I have to put them on something I froth at the mouth), the rest was a cake walk, and I bet I could do this exact dress again in three or four hours. This one took me a few days, but those days were interrupted by job interviews, a funeral and drinking.

This fabric was dirt cheep, and exactly what I wanted. Navy blue polka-dot material in thirty five seconds?! *glee* AND, I had enough left over to screw up a few times and I'm making myself a matching rectangular clutch out of the same fabric. X)

I'll probably never wear this as a costume. :P There are three other costumes in the works for NYCC (and that's only because I gave two ideas the boot this time around). I just love polka-dots and pretty dresses and don't have enough of either in my closet. :)

I'm still taking commissions.

Leave me some love. <3

Hope you liked it. :)

I finished another sewing project. :) This time a pencil skirt and short-sleeve jacket combo out of some brown paisley material that I simply had TOO MUCH of. That said, I still have lots of extra of this fabric, so if any of you want something, I'd only charge for the time it takes me to make whatever it is and the fabric would be free. X) Yeahhhhhh getting rid of stuff.

[Detail Pics HereCollapse )]

Hope you liked. :) Both of these were incredibly easy and took less than four and a half hours total. I'd post some 'action shots,' but I made them both too small for myself to wear as a sort of incentive to get my fat ass to the gym.... which I will do as soon as I hit [post] and finish my delicious breakfast of yogurt, home-made granola and fruit.

If any of you are wondering about how the stitches hold up... very well. :D My old machine used to skip some towards the end of it's life, leading to seams falling apart (which is 90% of the reason that I bought A Brother), but the new machine is tight and makes for some wearable clothing. =D

The next project will be the blue polka-dot dress that Pepper Potts wears in the Monaco scene of IM2. I don't even want it as a costume - I just love polka-dots and pretty dresses, so there's a few yards of navy polka-dot broadcloth sitting on the love seat behind me that I cannot wait to go to work on....

We&#39;re all Mad Here!
A great many of you have seen my Alice dress before - probably on me - because I made it just about two years ago at this point.

When I made that dress I bought some fabric with the intention of making a cloak to match - but since my party was in June a cloak was completely unnecessary so the project was shelved until I had enough free time to tackle it.

Anyway, I have free time now and wanted to get back into the swing of sewing again, so I thought that the cloak would be a perfect, easy way to ease myself back in instead of jumping right into making a dress or that corset I promised myself. :)

[Click for Detail PicturesCollapse )]

If anyone's wondering - this DOES mark the re-opening of me taking sewing commissions. :) Cloaks and capes are easy and relatively cheep (depending on the fabric). I did this one in four hours, tops, without a pattern. Dresses can be a little slice of hell, so I need further information before determining how long it will take to make one and therefore the estimated cost. I am willing to take other sorts of projects (jackets, anime characters, shirts, skirts, etc.), but I need detail.

As before, commissions are the price of fabric + $10 an hour.

21st-May-2010 03:16 pm - Ramble: Iron Man 2
IM - Roling Stones
I'm back, kids!!!! How long's it been since I wrote a real movie ramble? TOO FUCKIN' LONG! So, I bring to you, Iron Man 2.

It's been a while, so I'll reiterate my protocol.

1) I DON'T POST SPOILERS* I don't want to think about how how many people say "I'll read that after I see the movie because I don't want to be spoiled." *froths* If they're there (which they're not here, but could very well be in the comments), they'd be under a hefty warning and you wouldn't be able to miss it.

1*) I consider a not-spoiler anything that you see in the trailers, has been said at least once in an interview BEFORE the movie was released, or you learn about less than ten minutes into the film... But honestly, if you care you'd have seen the movie already. It's been out for two weeks? Three? Something like that.

2) This took me a long time to write, and it's over five pages on word. Give me a little bit of love, please? Just a little. Ramble loved! Thanks you guys. <333

3) What should I work on next? I really want to write Kick-Ass, but it's been a while since I wrote one of these and I've seen quite a few movies in that time. I'll pretty much write about anything that I've seen that's come out since.... the beginning of December. >_>;;;

4) I'm a little rusty. This isn't as organized and tight as my rambles were back in the day. It's been a while. Sorry

And with that!:

[IRON MAN 2Collapse )]

Hope you enjoyed! <3333

20th-Sep-2009 01:20 pm - Sewing Projects : Cloak
OKGO - Damian Kulash DELICIOUS!
As promised, here are picture of the cloak I made. :) Not my best work, but not bad.

Also, I'm sorry in advance for the poor picture quality and how few pictures I have. I dropped Jim's camera on the floor half way through taking these, and was only able to get one or two blurry pictures in after that. Don't worry though! The camera is being fixed.

[Click for detailed shotsCollapse )]

Commissioning a cloak like this depends a lot on the fabric. It's only about 3 or 4 hours worth of work (depending on if you want lining or not), so an unlined cotton or something similar would be about $60. Usually (and when I make these for myself) I like to do velvet with a satin lining because then they're really warm and soft. Those could run closer to $150 (depending on fabric and if I have coupons, etc.)

14th-Jul-2009 02:00 am - Sewing Projecs: Kenshin
Finished the Kenshin costume tonight!

Click here for detailed pictures.Collapse )

I'm still taking commissions. :D You know you don't actually want to make that convention costume.

6th-Jul-2009 05:41 pm - Sewing Projecs: Kimono
I finished my Kimono you guys. :D


Anyone want me to make them a kimono? I'm broke and taking commissions. $150 for one like mine with the ridiculous sleeves, and $140 for shorter normal length kimono sleeves if I use this fabric. $110 and $100 for the respective lengths if you would prefer a less shiny and more traditional fabric.

I'm not expecting a whole hell of a lot, but as I make more stuff (like this Kenshin costume I'm half way through for example) I'll post pictures and whatnot.

(yesssss whoring myself out!)

Also, if any of you are Kimono enthusiasts and have issues with the kimono style not being appropriate to the fabric, the sleeve length, the obi style or my general status in life - I don't care. Feel free to tell me and I'll listen to everything and find it very interesting, but I'm not altering my kimono because of it. :)

Real entry later.

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